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2 Pinterest-styled Free WordPress Themes

24 Jun , 2013  

Ever since I made this new blog I’ve been digging around for a great free WordPress themes. Currently I’m in love with the design of Pinterest and I want my site to adapt the principle of Responsive design since I use many devices with various screen sizes and orientations. By far, I’ve came across these two great and beautiful themes the Pinboard by One Designs and Sampression Lite by Sampression.


Pinboard Free WordPress Theme

Pinboard Free WordPress Theme

Pinboard is a very great and very customize able theme. Its default theme setting give you a large option to customize your blog. I used this theme for quite a while in the beginning but I decided to leave it after awhile because I just want to try new look. It has a premium version which give you even more options for customization!

Sampression Lite

Sampression Free WordPress Theme

Sampression Free WordPress Theme

Sampression made me even more excited when I see it. It has a beautiful default color and looks. My favourite part is the “Filter By” feature, it has the capability of filtering your posts by categories.

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