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MySQL Data Files Extensions

25 Jul , 2014  

Just in case you are wondering how much space your MySQL data actually took on your disk, you can check them on the data files created. By default MySQL created these data files inside /var/lib/mysql. Then inside the folder you can find the name of your databases as folders. Inside these folders are some files used by MySQL to create your database. Files with these 3 extensions are the data files:

File Extension Purpose
.frm Table definition
.myd Table data
.myi Table indexes

You can use du to see the size of these files. Hope this information is useful for you!


System Administration

Network Configuration in Linux Terminal

24 Jul , 2014  

Networking is the basic thing to configure after installing a new operating system. Especially if you are a system administrator, in which case, almost never work on those computers directly. I only touch my computer hardware during OS installation, when network connection to the computer is lost or when I face hardware issue. Most of the time, management of those computers was done remotely. Therefore if you want to be able to manage it remotely, you must make sure those computers are configured to connect to the network and accessible from the network. I’ll show you how to configure networking using terminal in Debian/Ubuntu family of Linuxes. More…

System Administration

DHCP Windows Server 2012 R2 for VLANs

23 Jul , 2014  

It has been quite sometime since the last time I write here. In fact, the last time I posted something here, I’m still a registered student of Informatics Engineering Department in Sepuluh Nopember Institue of Technology. Well, I got a lot of things going on in my life since then, shit happens, good things come to me and long story short, I’m now a sysadmin (yeaay!). I’ll share one of my experience at work when I have to configure a DHCP service for my client which has 3 different VLANs on its network and my DHCP server must provide IP address pool for all 3 VLANs. More…

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