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Linux Desktop – Another definition of beauty

18 Jan , 2015  

One of the greatest thing about Linux desktop (and the main reason why I still keep on using Linux) is the high customization ability. I’ve always been a huge worshiper of beauty. This time, I’m going to show you another definition of beauty, The Linux Desktop of Elementary OS.


This desktop is using the following elements:
Yellowstone theme + Faba Ceru icon + Tartaruga wallpaper by Martin Laksman + Conky Harmattan

All credits goes to the awesome people who design these elements and elementary OS team.

Satrio G. Nugraha

Satrio is a self-proclaimed technology geek. He is currently employed by IBM Indonesia as an IT Specialist which handles IBM xSeries servers, IBM zSeries mainframes and multi vendor network devices. He listens to various kinds of musics (he personally believes that music should not be put into boxes such as genres and everybody is free to listen to whatever kind of music whenever they feel like it).

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