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MySQL Data Files Extensions

25 Jul , 2014  

Just in case you are wondering how much space your MySQL data actually took on your disk, you can check them on the data files created. By default MySQL created these data files inside /var/lib/mysql. Then inside the folder you can find the name of your databases as folders. Inside these folders are some files used by MySQL to create your database. Files with these 3 extensions are the data files:

File Extension Purpose
.frm Table definition
.myd Table data
.myi Table indexes

You can use du to see the size of these files. Hope this information is useful for you!


System Administration

Web Server Set Up in Linux and Windows

24 Jun , 2013  

This is an easy to follow guide on how to set up your computer system as a web server in both Linux and Windows OS. First, we need to setup your system with a web server, MySQL database server and PHP support. here is how to install it in your machine. More…

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Network Security

Vulnerable Web Application for Hacking

6 Jun , 2013  

Are you a newbie in hacking world? Want to practice your hacking skills? The biggest problem I’ve faced every time I want to learn about hacking other than it’s not easy to learn the tools is I have a difficult time trying to find a victim for my practice sessions. Surely I can’t try to hack any sites I found on google since it will be against the law. Should I try to make a custom web application for this? Nah, it’s too time consuming and I’m not sure everything will work. Luckily, somehow I found myself in a web page which contain a link to a web application based on PHP and MySQL called mutillidae. More…

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Network Security

SQL Injection

5 Jun , 2013  

Have you ever heard of the term SQL injection? According to Wikipedia, SQL injection is a code injection technique that exploits a security vulnerability in an application ‘s software. Simply said, SQL injection is a method which you can use to gain database access of a web application. More…

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Network Security

High Interaction Honeypot Analysis Toolkit

19 Apr , 2013  

High Interaction Honeypot Analysis Toolkit (HIHAT) is a software with the capability of turning any PHP application such as phpmyadmin or phpnuke into a high interaction honeypot. HIHAT works by adding it’s own PHP code into all existing PHP pages/scripts of the application. These generate code were meant to provide logging of every connection attempt to the PHP pages by storing connection detail in MySQL database.¬†HIHAT can handle many types of web security attacks such as SQL injection, Remote File Inclusion (RFI), and Cross Site Scripting (XSS). More…

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