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Linux and The Dream of Using Free Software Everywhere

26 Jun , 2013  

This is a fine evening of June 26 and I’ve been cruising around the web while listening some old sets from 2010 Electric Daisy Carnival. ┬áThis is a very interesting evening actually, I’ve stumbled upon a quote from Stan Lee and a blog post about a recent riot that happened recently in connection to my country’s football. These things seems to be connected all the way to the root of many problems in here (I might write about them as well, who knows). But those are not the things I’m going to write about this time, this evening I also decided to check out the recent release of DistroWatch’s weekly issue. Usually I would check on them every Monday, right after they were released, but this week has been a busy week for me. In the miscellaneous news section, the news about PC-BSD moves of leaving i386 architecture behind from their future work caught my attention. More…

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